I want to cohabitate before I get married

There are hints of these problems in popular literature of the time, too. I don't think certain works of fiction and music and film involving divorce were successful because of a titilation factor alone, but because they represented themes and situations people could actually relate to.

Don't forget that it was actually forbidden to show things like adultery, premarital sex, divorce, single motherhood, or abortion in films and on TV. Plays and novels had a little more license, but it wasn't until 1964 that the Supreme Court ruled that novels could not be censored.

So the whole vision that we have of Mom+Dad happily living in the suburbs with a station wagon and a dog during the 1950s is pretty much completely manufactured by the entertainment industry. That's where The Feminine Mystique came from - women wondering why they hated their lives so much when every piece of popular culture around them said that their lives were perfect.